About me

My name is Malissa and I'm a wife and a mother. I have a full time job (as mom, cook, maid, you get the drift).

One of the most common questions I get asked about this blog is, "where did the name come from?"  That's easy to answer because Alissamays is the phonetical spelling of Malissa in Pig Latin.  Now you're looking at it and asking yourself how you didn't catch that, aren't you? :)

I was born and raised in Livingston Montana with most of my family right at my fingertips. At age 12 my life adventures began. My parents divorced and my sister and I moved to Hawaii to live with my mom. A year later we were back in Montana where we lived until we both graduated high school. Since that time I've lived in about lots of other states with sometimes numerous moves within them. I met my husband in Arizona believe it or not and that's when a majority of our moving started due to his job as a pilot. There's never a dull minute in our lives no matter how hard we try! Currently we live outside of the Charlotte, NC area and we love it.  We've made lots of really good friends here and we hope to stay as long as possible.

My family loves to travel so we do so as often as possible; we love to spend time outside in the garden or taking drives to the beach or the mountains.  My daughter and I love horses so we try to be around them here when we can and luckily my family and friends in Montana indulge us whenever we're home. I love my family and friends and look forward to all the adventures this life gives us!

I started this blog because I'm always trying new recipes, much to my husband’s dismay. He really likes certain dishes I make and then it kills him when I change it up and make it differently the next time. But I feel like it can always be better. Don't get me wrong, there are some recipes I make over and over again because they are so good; but then I forget which one's they were and I don't get around to making them again for a year or more. Hopefully this blog will help me stay a little more organized; I need help in that department.  I am making every effort to make our meals from scratch for the most part and I grow my own or incorporate as many local ingredients as possible.

I love to create new things, I love spending time in my kitchen and trying new recipes.  I have a huge collection of cookbooks and I am always finding another one to add to my collection. I look through them all the time.  I've take notes about what I'd like to try next and then misplace that list so I start a new one, it's a vicious cycle but I secretly love it.

On occasion I will get crafty or take some decent photo's so I'll show those here too.  I'm far from a photographer but if you're wondering, I use a Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS. It's just a tiny little thing but it does take nice pictures.  I hope to get a nicer more professional camera in the near future, but for now this one works just fine!

Thanks for visiting, tell all your friends!