December 2, 2010

Brined, Roasted Turkey

Our turkey was one of the best I've ever had, I didn't take very many pictures of it so I'll be sure to give you the links where needed. 

We started out brining our turkey with these instructions: Turkey Brine and Instruction

The only thing I will add to the link I've just given you is this, we did brine a defrosted frozen turkey and it was just fine.  Although, maybe I like salt more than the rest of you but I doubt it since we ate at a friends house who also brined her frozen turkey and it was delicious also.  You will not need to salt the gravy if you're making it out of the turkey drippings however.  Plenty of salt there.

Once you've brined your turkey and you're ready to cook it.  Click here: Cooking a Brined Turkey

I took mine out of the oven after cooking for half the time and slathered melted butter onto it and put it back in for the remainder of cooking time just as she instructs.  Our turkey was amazing!

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