April 18, 2012

Graham Crackers

I've been dying to try this recipe ever since I saw it on "Smitten Kitchen".  I've tried the Martha Stewart graham cracker recipe also and it was very good.  That was long before I had a blog so I'll have to make them again for you sometime and compare.

One thing I learned from the first time I made graham crackers is to roll them out thin so they stay crispy.  No problems with crispiness here.  I love the crunch and I'm hoping to experiment with a smore soon for the ultimate test. Or just because I love smores.  Whatev's.

If you're planning to make some graham crackers for yourself just remember that it is a multiple step process.  After you make the dough it needs to chill again before you can roll it out and cut it, then it chills again before you a bake it.  That's what makes it nice and crunchy.

I used a food processor for this but you could use a stand mixer or even do it by hand.  Smitten Kitchen has all the details on her site.  Link below.

You want your butter to be very cold...frozen in fact.  That's what helps make the crunch. 

Adding the lovely honey mixture that gives graham crackers their distinctive flavor.

Nice and thin.  Keep this dough cold so it's easier to work with. Work fast. 

After cutting and poking holes in them they need to chill again before baking.

There is no way I can do justice to the original post from Smitten Kitchen so I just put her link below.  I love these graham crackers and plan to make them again.  Definitely a keeper!

I found this recipe at "Smitten Kitchen" here and didn't change a thing.

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