July 10, 2015

Our Montana Vacation 2015

My family and I made our yearly trip to Montana to see my family this past two weeks.  First we spent a couple of days in Colorado to look around and get a feel for the area.  A move there is in our future and we wanted to know what the area was like.  We loved it. 

Evergreen Colorado is just stunning.  Ton's of trees and mountains and water.  I could see myself bundled up next to a fire during a snowstorm here, or fishing, hiking or just driving around.  It's so pretty.  We'll definitely be making our way here again.

Next we headed over to Montana.  I try to visit once a year.  Montana isn't for everyone but it's my home and it always will be.

My daughter caught grasshoppers.

We headed to the rodeo in Livingston.  It's every year on July 2,3, and 4th and there are fireworks every night after the rodeo is over.  The 4th is the biggest night for the fireworks but all the nights are excellent.

My fathers friend from high school let us come up to his place and hang out by the most picturesque creeks you've ever seen.  He's got the most perfect little swimming hole just steps from his cabin.  If you can stand how cold the water is that is.  My daughter walked around in it a little bit but it was pretty chilly.  However, since a lot of the houses in this area don't have air conditioning, a swim in a cold creek is just the thing to cool you off.

I took way too many pictures to put on here but I wanted to show you the guests that stopped by for a morning visit the day before we left.  These little deer love to eat the leaves off the trees even though they have to stand up on their hind legs to reach them.  

We had a great vacation.  Waking up to the nice cool air in the morning was such a relief.  I can handle heat and humidity that we get here in the South but I definitely miss the mountain air.  Seeing family and friends was great.  I can't wait to get back there again soon. 

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