February 13, 2013

Chocolate Valentine's Cakes

These little hearts are a result of my daughter's preschool having a Valentine's Day party today.  I was given free range to make something special for them.  My husband helped me come up with this little dessert. My daughter helped me put them together so it was a family project last night and I think they turned out so cute. 

I made a sheet cake from Pioneer Woman.  She dubs it the best sheet cake and I whole heartily agree. So moist and tender with a wonderful chocolate flavor that won't overpower.  I'll be making this one again soon.  Plus, I usually make sheet cakes in my 9x13 inch casserole dish but this one was made in a jelly roll pan and I loved it!

I cut hearts in the cooled cake with a cookie cutter.  Then I piped frosting around the edge (of the bottom side of the cake) filled it in with strawberry jam and sandwiched it with another cake. 

Then sprinkles around the edge. 

I made some with strawberry jam and some with all frosting.  Then I made some that weren't a sandwich at all and instead were just a little heart shaped cake with frosting on top. My daughter loved the one's that weren't a sandwich and were just cake and frosting.

I didn't change anything about the two recipes I used so I'll just link you to them.  Nobody can beat The Pioneer Woman's photography so why even try.

Happy Valentines Day....tomorrow.  We're celebrating today because my hubs will be out of town tomorrow.  It's confusing.

The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. 

Decorator Frosting

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