March 3, 2014

White Bean Soup

You are looking at the soup that helped make my vegan attempt during the month of February, doable. It is totally delicious and creamy.  I would eat this soup any day of the week, the fact that it's vegan just makes it that much more appealing to me.

You can choose to mash the beans a lot or a little to give the texture that you prefer.  I happen to love beans whole so I just left them that way. I didn't have much experience with fennel before this soup but I plan to use it much more now.  I loved the flavor and texture that it added.  Same goes for the Rosemary, don't skip it!

I have nothing bad to say about this recipe.  It makes quite a bit but it keeps very well in the refrigerator.  I ate it every single day until it was gone and I never got tired of it.  Loved it!

White Bean Soup
Recipe from Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist 

  • 2 whole shallots, sliced
  • 1/2 pound carrots, sliced thin on the diagonal
  • 1 bulb fennel, sliced (I couldn't find one so I left it out)
  • 4 celery ribs, sliced on the diagonal
  • Olive Oil
  • Rosemary, chopped
  • 6 cans white beans in liquid (cannelloni or great northern(
  • salt and pepper to taste
Cooking Directions
  1. In a large stockpot, add some olive oil and soften the shallot over medium heat. 
  2. Add carrots, fennel and celery and cook for about 10-15 minutes. 
  3. Add the beans with their liquid and some chopped rosemary (to taste) 
  4. Cover and cook for 20 minutes at a gentle boil. 
  5. Salt and pepper to taste
  6. Cook for an additional 20 minutes or longer.  Just before serving use a potato masher or the back of a spoon to squish some of the beans.  You can also puree it in a blender if you want it smoother. 
Some optional toppings: 

Basic Balsamic Vinaigrette: Spoonful of Dijon, a few Tbsp of balsamic and about 1/4 cup of olive oil with some salt and pepper to taste.  Shake and drizzle over soup. 


Cut some ribbons of Prosciutto, Parmesan curled into strips and chopped Rosemary. 

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