November 13, 2012

Oregon Sunsets

Recently my family and I made our way across the country Oregon to attend my grandfather's funeral.  He was 91 years old and had an amazing life.  Above is a picture of him and my grandmother.  Married for 68 years, isn't that something? I wish everyone could find the kind of love and happiness that these two had. Together they had six children and made a countless number of moves for his service in the Navy. He was a World War II and Pearl Harbor survivor.  After the funeral we got to attend a Celebration of Life gathering held at my aunts house where we heard some great stories about my grandfather from his children.  It was a great prospective on his life that I'd never really heard before.  At the end of the day it was clear that he made an impression on each person in that room and I'm sure on many others that weren't in the room.

My daughter and my husband got to meet some family they've never met before as well as visit a state they'd never been to before.  Needless to say they loved Oregon and meeting my family.  We hope to return again soon.

The view of the Willamette River.  Beautiful isn't it?

Oregon sunsets. :)

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