May 8, 2013

Babies In My Garden

There's all sorts of things happening in my backyard.  Look at this little baby bird that just hatched.  I think it's a robin but I'm not 100% sure.  Just last week we discovered the nest and there were three eggs inside.  Since then we've had torrential downpours and the rose bush that the mommy bird made this nest in has sort of "parted", all the branches have gotten so water logged that they all sort of fell to the side which exposed the nest.  I've been worried about the little chicks but I'm happy to see this one. I'm not sure about the other two eggs, I can't tell if they are under this little guy or perhaps they fell out of the nest.

It's hard to tell, maybe he's laying on top of some other chicks? Or maybe the other two eggs haven't hatched yet?

The mommy bird was watching us closely so I just snapped some quick pictures and left as soon as I could.  I sure hope these little one's make's raining out there again as I type this.

My first tomatoes are making an appearance too.  These are an Heirloom variety.  I can't wait to eat one!

Some little grape tomatoes are peaking out too.  My daughter eats these like candy.

There's always something new in the backyard, go grab your camera and take some pictures!

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