May 20, 2013

Baby Bird Flew The Coop

Remember this cute little baby in our back yard?  I think he/she is a cardinal.  I think I saw his/her mama flying out of the nest and I also think I saw her daddy pay a visit.  Either way, baby is a cardinal....I think.

I also definitely only see one baby in that nest.

One last thing, he/she flew the coop.  Gone.  Didn't even say goodbye.  Her mommy was probably pretty irritated that we kept taking pictures.  I would say that it was bad planning on mom's behalf, she should have known if she built the nest to close to the ground that I'd peep in on the baby from time to time.

OK she had no way of knowing I'd be such a nosey neighbor.

Anyways, even thought he/she left without so much as a note, I wish him/her the best and I hope we get frequent visits. We will miss spying on you little bird.

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