November 26, 2013

Some Thanksgiving Favorites

Sweet Potato Spice Cookies: I fell in love with the warm flavors of this cookie.  Not to mention it's packed full of yummy ingredients that you can feel pretty good about.  If you're looking for a perfect fall cookie, this is it!

Banoffe Pie: I don't know why I think about this for the holiday's but I do.  The creamy toffee flavors with the banana's makes me feel like it's a wonderful new pie for your family's dinner table.  

Apple Cider Caramels: If you've been trying to think of a little som'n som'n for your company to chew on, now's the time to make these caramels.  Do it while you can still find some cider!  You won't regret it, but you might want to save a little for yourself. 

Cranberry-Orange Vodka: Yes I had to slip a drink into the mix.  I mean, you are surrounded by a lot of family for up to a weeks period of time.  You'll thank me. 

Egg Custard Pie: This is a classic dessert for the holiday's and one of my husband's favorites.  Creamy and cold is so nice after a big heavy Thanksgiving meal!

M.S. Buttermilk Cornbread: My favorite recipe for cornbread so far.  I loved the moist caky texture and the little bite that the buttermilk gives.  I used this for my stuffing mix last year.  It was so good!

Simple Cranberry Sauce: This is the sauce that I will be making again this year.  My husband doesn't like really fancy shmancy cranberry sauce, in fact his favorite is the jellied variety.  So there isn't much experimenting I can do with the cranberries.  The up side to that is that my husband and my daughter and I love this version so I see no reason to look any further.  Yum!

Brined, Roasted Turkey: If you're looking to brine your turkey this year try this recipe.  We loved it!

Cornbread, Sausage and Apple Stuffing: This is an awesome stuffing that will take a day prior to prep as you need to dry out all the bread.  It's so worth it, the flavors are complex but melt together perfectly.  We had no problem finishing these leftovers. 

Fancy Potatoes: Who doesn't love some mashed potatoes and gravy with their turkey?  I have to tell you, these mashed potatoes are decadent but what other holiday can you have such decadence? The cream cheese is key because the leftover's stay smooth and creamy even when cold.  Just sayin. 

I hope these recipes give you a few little ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner.  Even if your dinner is usually traditional, it's always nice to add one little thing that is out of the ordinary. I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving, be safe!

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