August 6, 2012

Savannah and the Dinosaurs!

Over the weekend my daughter and I took a drive to Savannah for a quick overnight trip to see a dinosaur exhibit they had going on there.  She loves dinosaurs and I love Savannah so it seemed like the perfect chance to getaway.

It's only a four hour drive for us to get to Savannah so it wasn't bad at all.

Our first stop for the evening was the beach at Tybee Island.  This was our first time to Tybee Island and we fell in love with it. We will be coming here more often for sure.  The water was so warm it was like bath water, the beach was nice and sandy and the town is not as commercialized as some of the other area's nearby.

That's my little one heading back to the car.

We needed to go into historic Savannah to catch the ferry to the Convention Center which is where the Dinosaur exhibit was.  Twist my arm, historic Savannah is one of my favorite places ever.

My little girl watching the water on our ferry ride.

The dinosaur exhibit was fun, there were mechanical dinosaurs as well as these statues.

You could even act like a paleontologist and dig for dinosaur fossils.

Yes, we did stop at the candy store.  Yes this is what I got.  They called it a bear claw but they should have called it a diet wrecker. It was fresh made caramel poured over almonds and then topped with milk chocolate.  They had a cashew variety too that looked equally as sinful. Had to of been at least a thousand calories but it was oh so good.

A look down the street at the old buildings.  If you've never been to Savannah you have to put it on your do to list!

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