January 27, 2014

Superbowl 2014

Is your favorite team playing in the Super Bowl this year?

We are sort of divided in my household since my husband is a die hard Patriots fan (I love them too) and being from a state where we don't have a professional football team I could either grow up loving Seattle or Denver….I chose Denver.  Luckily my husband was at work for the last game so I didn't have to hide my schizophrenic episodes of rooting for two teams at the same time in the same game.  It was a no lose situation for me, sadly not the same for my husband.

I've compiled some great recipes you could use to entertain some friends for the big game!

This roll-up has everything but the kitchen sink in them but the flavor's meld together perfectly.  You get the creaminess of the cream cheese, the crunch of the water chestnuts, the bite of the jalapeno and the heat from some spice.  What more can you ask for? 

My mouth waters every time I think of these onion strings.  They are perfect. Crunchy, flavorful, I use a lot of pepper in the batter and I recommend you do to.  Well if you like pepper that is. Perfect game day food, but you might want to hide all remaining onions in your house or else you'll be frying all night.  People LOVE this recipe. 

Cheesy, spicy goodness.  Who doesn't love cheese dip?  You can throw this together in literally minutes and it's always a hit. 

This post is taking off on Pinterest.  If you're looking for a gooey, rich, chocolaty brownie then you've found it.  It's nice to have a decadent dessert that you can hold in one hand for the big game and this fits the bill. If you've ever had a Somoa Girl Scout cookie and loved it then you will love these!

Everyone is going to be making chili for the game, why not switch it up a bit with this yummy, thick, satisfying soup.  Serve it along side a bottle of hot sauce and some crackers. Yum!

Another quick and easy recipe that your guests will love, BBQ chicken!  Wrap it up in a store bought crescent roll and you've got yourself a quick bite for people to grab and gobble up. 

Salsa and chips are the classic snack food for so many types of get-togethers. This recipe will quickly become your favorite.  Ton's of flavor but don't worry about the heat level, you can customize it to your own liking.  Great to top off some nacho's!

Pizza might be an easy way to get your crowd happy for the game but did you know you can make it quickly and easily in your own kitchen? The kids love em and so do the adults.  They are easy to eat and very portable, yet not as messy as traditional pizza. 

What's the last thing you want to do on game day? Be stuck in the kitchen!  Don't be, use your crock pot to your advantage! Meatballs do so well in a slow cooker and this sweet and sour sauce is right on!

Finger food is key to a good party and who doesn't like cheese crackers? Everyone loves these crackers.  Full of cheesy flavor and a classic cracker crunch.  You can't go wrong with these crackers.  Make sure to give yourself a day or two before the game to make them since they do require some time.  Totally worth it. 

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